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Air Conditioning

The comfort of driving in the warm summer months depends on your air conditioning system working properly. IN & OUT TIRE technicians have the experience and equipment to keep your air conditioner in tip top shape in any season.

Batteries Icon


Most of the time you don’t get a warning before your battery fails. And when it does it’s usually at the worst time or place. Let us help you prevent a battery failure when you least need it.

Brakes Icon


It’s critical that you keep your brake system in good working order. Make an appointment at your closest IN & OUT TIRE and let our technicians check your brake system.

Oil Lube Icon

Oil Lube

Regular oil changes are the best preventative maintenance item that you can do to extend your car or trucks engine life. IN & OUT TIRE will perform your oil change and install the correct oil based on what your vehicle manufacturer recommends.

Safety Checks Icon

Safety Checks

At IN & OUT TIRE we will perform a 27 point vehicle safety check on your car or truck and we will do this at no charge. This safety check will give you the peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is safe to drive.

Wheel Alignment Icon

Wheel Alignment

When your vehicle is properly aligned its wheels roll parallel to each other. Car manufacturers recommend that you have your vehicle aligned every 6 months or 6,000 miles driven. At IN & OUT TIRE we have professional equipment and trained technicians to keep your vehicle aligned.

Tire Mounting, Balance and Rotations Icon

Tire Mounting, Balance and Rotations

Mounting a tire to a wheel requires specialized training and equipment. To ensure that your tires have the best fitment they must be seated properly to the wheel. Our trained tire technicians at IN & OUT TIRE will inflate your tire to the specifications recommended by your vehicle manufacturer.

West Virginia State Inspections Icon

West Virginia State Inspections

The state of West Virginia requires a state inspection every 12 months. IN & OUT TIRE has qualified technicians with West Virginia Inspection licenses. We will completely check your vehicle based on the West Virginia inspection requirements.

Shocks and Struts Icon

Shocks and Struts

Shocks and struts are a part of your vehicle suspension system and they provide the critical function of keeping your wheels in proper contact with the road. Please stop by and IN & OUT TIRE and let one of our experienced technicians look at your suspension system.